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It wasn’t that long ago that organizations evaluating Atlassian Cloud fell into the category of, “That looks promising, but it’s not mature enough for my organization right now.” And with that, thoughts of Cloud were put on the shelf, and organizations moved on to a more traditional Atlassian model, like Server or Data Center.

While there may have been intentions to revisit Atlassian Cloud, the problem with putting thoughts on a mental shelf are the same as putting anything on a shelf… high up… in the back of the closet. They are quickly forgotten, collecting dust and cobwebs. Out of sight and out of mind.

Does this sound familiar to you? Is this the path you and your company went down? If so, you should know that Atlassian Cloud has come a long way. Atlassian has dedicated considerable time and resources to make Atlassian Cloud not only a viable solution, but the preferred option for an ever-growing number of organizations. App vendors have also embraced this focus on Atlassian Cloud, removing one of the most prevalent objections to moving…the lack of a strong app ecosystem.

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Even though Atlassian Cloud may be more mature than when you originally evaluated it, you have probably invested considerable time and resources into your on-premise Atlassian solution. That’s the big gotcha. You’ve created a solution that is--more than likely--business critical, which makes moving to Atlassian Cloud scary. Will you be able to get all the functionality out of Atlassian Cloud that you currently get with on prem? What will the trade offs be? Will the gains be worth the move? The good news is that, while there will be trade offs, the gap is rapidly closing, and there are features you can get in Atlassian Cloud that you can’t get with on prem.

So the next question is, “how do we move?” Traditionally, this has been a burdensome process. The good news is that Atlassian has released tooling that eases the process. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting the actual migration is simple, and the tool requires a lot of work to use properly. The key point is Atlassian is making a dedicated effort to provide tooling around migrations to Cloud.

The main point I’m trying to get to is that Atlassian Cloud has become a major player in the Atlassian ecosystem, and you should (re)evaluate if it is a good direction for your organization. Of course as an enterprise solution, you should approach it with the same rigor as you would approach any migration. Just because you may be moving Jira-to-Jira, or Confluence-to-Confluence, there will be parity considerations and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to migrations.

Please join me on Isos Technology's newest webinar, 10 Decisions to Make Before Migrating to Atlassian Cloud to continue this discussion and learn what other pressing choices you need to make as your team considers moving to Cloud. I hope to see you there!

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