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3 Proactive Steps for Optimizing Your Experience at Atlassian Team ’21

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Untitled-143Let's talk about Team '21! Whether you've attended Atlassian's flagship event in the past or not, you may not realize that planning your ideal conference experience is necessary to get precisely what you want out of this event. With the overwhelming amount of content provided in multiple forms (keynotes, demos, breakout sessions, fireside chats…), you will want to come prepared. I'll delve into how listing your topics of interest, deciding how much time can be allocated, and creating a schedule in advance can help you get the most bang for your buck… Let's get right to it!

What Do You Want to Learn?

Create a list of what you want to learn. You may not know off the top of your head, which is fine! The purpose of planning your event experience is to think of these things in advance and let them sink in. Ideas may come to you throughout the week, so write them down! Keep in mind if you'd like to see any topic as a particular session type, like a demo. Also, take into consideration your deployment type and user level. Going off of the filters on the Team '21 website, here are some areas of possible interests:

  • Solutions: Agile, Business Transformation, Collaboration, DevOps, ITSM/ITOM, Team Practices, and Work Management, Journey to the cloud, Scaling for the enterprise
  • Products: Access, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Confluence, Crowd, Halp, Jira Align, Jira Core, Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Marketplace, Mindville Insight, Opsgenie, Portfolio for Jira, Product Agnostic, Sourcetree, Statuspage, Trello


How Much Time Do You Want to Put into the Event?

Decide how much time you have to dedicate. If you have the standard access pass, you'll only have access to content during event days, so you'll want to plan accordingly. Even if you have the all-access pass that allows you to access the content until the end of the year, it's a good idea to budget your time (so you don't put anything off indefinitely). Decide how much time you'd like to put into watching the content and/or how much time your schedule allows. Take a look at your calendar and block out the time to ensure you get what you want out of your Team '21 experience.


Create Your Schedule! 

Prioritize the topics you came up with earlier in order of interest. Plug those topics in the filter while browsing the session guide and begin "bookmarking" content to add it to your Team '21 schedule. Then, check out your bookmarks and make adjustments based on the amount of time you want to put into this event and your prioritization of the topics. Aaaannnd boom, that's it. You have never been more ready to get the most out of Team '21! 


Doesn't it feel good to have a plan?! All that's left to do is to be ready to take notes of any questions that may arise during the sessions. Don't hesitate to reach out to your favorite Atlassian Solution Partner to answer any of these lingering questions. Know that you can add resources to your "backpack," where you can later download them in bulk. Don't forget the free stuff—yep,  you can claim some of the sponsors' giveaway items (including swag from yours truly). Isos will be giving away some awesome cups, some of which contain a $100 gift card. Also, don't forget about the 50% off discount code for a future Atlassian University Training course included in the All-Access Pass. Oh, and most importantly...have fun!

 PS - If this is all just too much effort and you don't get everything you wanted and more out of Team '21, we will host a recap webinar with our top takeaways from the conference on the Wednesday following the event (May 5th) at 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT.


IsosTech Atlassian Team 2021 Recap Webinar

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