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3 Ways Statuspage Makes it Easy to Communicate Real-Time Status to Users

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Statuspage, Atlassian's #1 incident and status communication tool, is—quite literally—a page showing the status of your organization's systems. This Atlassian tool can be used as a public page for external users like customers, or as a private page just for employees. You can also use the audience-specific page type to tailor how different sets of users view your pages. Statuspage has countless benefits however you choose to utilize it. Here are three of our favorite features:

Statuspage is Customizable

One of Statuspage's coolest features is that you get to choose what's visible on it. With over 150 third-party components, you will be able to see the status of all your critical tools. Here is a great example of a robust status page...it's Intercom's public Statuspage, where you can see the current status of their systems along with historical uptime, metrics, past incidents, and even scheduled maintenance. Intercom also allows you to subscribe to receive status updates. If you look at their historical uptime, you can see how this feature of Statuspage could even be used as a marketing tool. You can click through their many components and see how reliable they've been over time.


Statuspage Streamlines Support Tickets

Statuspage is extremely helpful for incident communication and support requests. The tool streamlines the support ticket process by banishing duplicates and allowing organizations to manage subscribers, sending out messages that are in sync, whether through text or email. The product also provides prewritten templates to get information out quickly.


Statuspage Integrates with Your Favorite Tools

Statuspage's integrations allow you to show progress and respond to users within your favorite tools. Utilize integration tools for monitoring and alerting to get critical information fast. Jira Service Desk integrates well to avoid duplicate tickets. And Status Embed is a great integration for showing your statuses outside of Statuspage. For example, if you have planned maintenance, you could have Status Embed display a flag on your website to alert visitors. You can even automate Twitter to tweet status updates!


Still have questions? Contact us for more information. Our experts can help whether you're starting fresh or need assistance configuring your current Statuspage to be most effective for your organization.

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TAGS: Atlassian Tools, Jira Service Desk, ITSM, Statuspage, Jira Service Management

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