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A Great Place For Learning: Atlassian Community Events



When I wrap up an engagement with a client, there is usually a question about ongoing education. There are the usual suspects such as Atlassian training courses online, tutorials provided by Atlassian on YouTube, and, of course, the comprehensive set of instructor-led, online, and customized training courses and tools that we offer here at Isos Technology.
There is one more gem sitting out in the open for all that are interested, and all it costs you is time and willingness to put in what you hope to get out. That gem is the Atlassian Community Events, more lovingly known as ACEs.

An ACE is the Atlassian equivalent of a meetup. In fact, Meetup.com is where I first learned about them three years ago. Meetups are typically in-person every month. As with most events in today's COVID-impacted world, these events have become remote. While not a situation that anyone would wish for, one positive effect is we can now attend more ACEs and learn from others worldwide.

In the past, a person might attend one or two ACEs each month. Depending on how far you are willing to drive and how many events are in your travel range, multiple meetings are achievable. For instance, if you're in Colorado, Denver has a monthly ACE, and there is an event in Boulder about once a quarter. The last time I made the trip, rush hour driving was extra painful.

However, in today's remote, interactive world, travel is less of an issue. The ACE has become virtual (like many events), and ACE leaders hold the meetings at lunchtime, during evenings, or even on weekends. Attending members do not have to contend with travel time or getting back from lunch quickly.

One other thing that occurred to me recently as I was going to sign up for the next session with my local ACE is that other cities and ACEs are accessible to me from home. I could attend ACEs in Boise, Indianapolis, or San Francisco. But why stop there? What is available in other countries? I could join an international group, as long as I was willing to adjust my schedule to their time zone.

It's a fantastic opportunity to learn about many topics from many, many communities plugged into the Atlassian universe.

With the opportunity to attend an ACE anywhere in the world, I encourage you to take advantage of this worldwide community of knowledge and sharing. Visit https://ace.atlassian.com. Under "upcoming events," you will find a great list of topics and community events to make a selection. Maybe I'll see you in Denver!

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