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Here at Isos Technology, we work with a lot of organizations to help them incorporate SLOs into their DevOps/SRE workflows. Even after we give our workshops and assist organizations in implementing SLOs, many times these teams want assurance that how they implemented SLOs in their organization is the best it can be. Constant refinement is built into the SLO methodology, so many teams want to look outward to other organizations for a) a sanity check and b) things they can pull into their own policies and procedures that will improve their SLO implementation. Implementing SLOs almost always results in positive change within DevOps-based organizations, but it can be unnerving at first, so these team feelings are natural.

Luckily, there's a virtual place expert SRE practitioners, SLO newbies, or people who are SLO-curious can go – SLOConf.  SLOConf is a great conference that covers all things SLO. This year's areas of focus include:

  • SLOs for everyone - This track focuses on how the use of SLOs can extend beyond technical teams.

  • SLO stories - This is my favorite track. These presentations go deep into SLO examples within real organizations. Many times you get the gory details of what went right, and what went wrong. 

  • The future of SLOs - This is where the presenters go DEEP on the tech of how teams implement SLOs in their organization. If you are, for instance, interested in the OpenSLO file format, tune into these talks.

  • SLO FUNdamentals - These presentations are good for teams just starting out on their SLO journey.

Beyond presentations, the conference includes live labs, real-time keynotes, and other activities.


Pre-Conf Checklist - Let's go!

Ok, so I've sold you on attending SLOConf '22. Now you're wondering, "What's next?" Thankfully, I've compiled a quick checklist of activities you should complete before SLOConf starts to ensure you get the most from the event. BTW, the first three items on the list are key and should not take more than 10 minutes to complete.


  1. Sign up for SLOConf 2022!

    I know this is obvious, but if you want to get the most out of SLOConf '22 in real-time, you need to sign up via their web form here: https://www.sloconf.com/sloconf-register

    (Don't worry too much about being spammed after the conference, the amount of spam I received after my registration last year was practically nothing.)

  2. Join the SLOConf Slack server.

    Before, during, and after the conference, all the leaders and many users of the SLO community hang out on this very Slack server. Many interactive parts of the conference might require being on the Slack server (for interactive Q&As, etc). 

    Join the server here.

  3. Follow the SLOConf Twitter account.
    The best way to keep up on SLOs in general and the ever-changing goings-on with SLOConf '22, the official Twitter account is a must follow.

  4. Watch last year's (2021) SLOConf speaker videos. (Extra credit!)
    • Last year had an amazing roster of speakers, all of whom are great practitioners of the SRE arts. I just rewatched all videos, which range from entertaining to informative (or both!), and I learned something new from almost everyone.
    • The playlist for last year's videos is here.
    • And of course, if you watch one video — watch mine. I combine SLOs and Atlassian products in one presentation, like a great technical presentation Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

Experiment with SLOs with a Nobl9 trial account. (Extra credit!)

If you don't have SLOs set up in your organization yet and you want to start experimenting with SLO tooling before SLOConf starts, there's no better way to get your hands dirty than setting up a trial of Nobl9 (with Pingdom). Within an hour or two, you'll be able to set up end-to-end monitoring and layer in SLOs on top of that. 

The video below goes through all the prerequisites to get both accounts up and running.

Once you've executed at least the first three items on the above list, you'll get the most out of SLOConf. If you have any questions about SLOConf or SLOs in general, ping me on Twitter: @cowmix 

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