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In our recent webinar, How IT Leaders Can Improve the Agile Service Desk in a Post-Covid World, Isos invited a few IT leaders to have a discussion on how IT has helped organizations transition to remote work and ensure people's ability to work productively. The topic is blatantly relevant, as businesses evolve in a post-COVID-19 environment and scramble to empower a more digital workforce. Now, everyone is talking about digital and Agile transformations, business agility, faster to market, etc. But witnessing and participating in an organizational transformation from beginning to end will make you a believer. 


During the conversation, each of the panelists shared their own experiences and perspectives around industry trends, but tucked in between the proposed questions and responses, there was a story that really stuck out as transformative. Chris Acker, Director, Business Systems & Operations at Evolve IP, highlighted a number of key results from their recent transformation that are worth revisiting.

"The World Before Jira Service Desk was Chaotic. We Had a System that Didn't Follow Standards."

To better understand these results, it's important to know Evolve IP and where they started their transformation. Evolve IP is a 12-year-old, cloud communications company that takes the tools you'd typically use at the office--like a phone and the apps on your desktop--and delivers them from a single portal that users can access on any device. They serve more than 5,000 clients globally, along with their all of their employees. Evolve is part-service provider, part-software development producing products and intellectual property. Before the transformation, their technology stack was showing its age and just not keeping pace with their clients' or employees' needs. As Chris stated, "We needed to rethink our technology stack; our business needed to be more Agile."


"Our Clients and Associates Want Their Request Resolved in a Timely Manner, but with a Positive Experience. With JSD, We Now Put a Face on Every Ticket."

As Chris stated during the conversation (minute 13:15), he evaluated a number of ITSM platforms, but Atlassian (Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Jira Software) was selected for the client experience and the ITIL standards they brought to their processes. Chris also describes an "a-ha" moment with Jira Service Desk (JSD) when they were able to close the loop between their service desk, operations, and development to allow information to flow freely between these teams. JSD quickly became the central hub for the client and associate experience, while the internal teams worked in tools like Confluence, Jira Software, Opsgenie, and StatusPage. They now had truly integrated digital platforms where teams are connected and collaborating in one place. The next step was to start to automate. So, JSD and the Atlassian tools provided a platform with industry standards but also increased agility. The Evolve IP teams' ability to spin up new service desks in minutes means they can react immediately to industry demands, or even a pandemic like COVID-19, to provide their associates and clients with a first-class experience.


"There's Never a Convenient Time to Replace Your Systems. But it is Possible and Not Nearly as Hard as I Thought it Might Have Been."

Listening to Chris tell the story--in previous attempts at transformation, Evolve IP spent the better part of two years at a significant capital investment, but still not achieving the desired state. With that perceived timeline, it's understandable why the thought of a digital transformation would seem inconvenient or daunting. Regardless, Chris and Evolve knew they needed to move forward and become more agile as a business. And there began the transformation conversations between Evolve IP and Isos Technology, toward the pursuit of an Atlassian implementation that would bring their service desk, operations, software development, and business teams together with one integrated platform. Together, we were able to break down their transformation requirements into two parallel implementations (JSD and Jira Software) that would eventually meet in the middle to complete the informational loop, with JSD as the client hub.


So I'm sure you are asking... How long did those implementations take? Again, to hear Chris explain it during the webinar, the complete effort took just under six months. In his mind, Atlassian was the only path that allowed him to build this transformation in the timeline he was given. In that amount of time, Chris was able to make good on his team's mantra of "low to no-code," while also providing greater visibility to team leads, managers, and the c-suite through KPI dashboards and reporting. Today, every team at Evolve IP has defined service SLAs and KPIs that are tracked and reported on within the Atlassian tools.

Truly transformational in under six-months.


"I have to give Isos Technology a shoutout... they help to shepherd us through this transformation."

- Chris Acker, Evolve IP



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