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In today's installment of the Advanced Roadmaps blog series, we'll be discussing Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Software Cloud Premium. According to Atlassian: "For Advanced Roadmaps, we've taken our product previously known as Portfolio for Jira, redesigned it from the ground up, and rebranded it to align with our product vision. Advanced Roadmaps will help you deliver products faster and more reliably by building smarter plans at both a team and cross-team level."

Atlassian has taken us PMs (insert preferred "P word" here: Product, Project, Program, Portfolio) on a bit of a journey since the initial launch of Portfolio for Jira (P4J) in 2014; a trek that never fully healed all those pain points that I pointed out in my previous blog postIn fact, it may have simply poured salt on the wound with the unfulfilled hope of relief. Well, suffer no more, PM friends. Redemption has arrived with Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Premium Cloud.

And wow, what a promise! To quote Atlassian, it "delivers products faster and more reliably with smarter plans." Tell me, though, what do you think "building smarter plans" actually means?

Building smarter plans begins with the assumption that PMs have the responsibility of taking initiatives and working with the teams to break them down into the Epics and Stories in Jira. This was great for me as a PM because it allowed my teams to make decisions on the best order to do the work and provided some validation on the level of effort. Assuming this is your standard practice already, then this is where Advanced Roadmaps comes into the picture, both literally and figuratively. If this is not your standard practice, adopting it alone is likely to get you a big lift in delivering products faster and more reliably, but that's for a topic for a whole other blog post. Bottom line, smarter plans start with good data in Jira. 

Advanced Roadmaps takes all that good (or otherwise) Jira informationestimates, Initiative-Epic-Story relationships, team and sprint assignments, dependenciesand turns it all into a visual roadmap. BAM! Finally, PMs can actually defend their dates withget thisactual Jira data! And yes, you even get some visuals to point at and/or share for scrutiny and conversation. Finally, a way for everyone, i.e. multiple teams, to collaborate with planning, track dependencies and work at multiple levels, and visualize team capacity. It's the holy grail of the iron triangle made visual, and with your data. 

So yeah, I'll take some faster and more reliable product delivery, please and thank you.  

Stay tuned for the next blog in this series, The Multiples of Advanced Roadmaps.

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