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All the Latest on Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistants...and What's Coming Soon!

Confluence, Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Cloud


Atlassian recently released Cloud Migration Assistants for Jira Server, as well as Confluence Server and Data Center. These tools, in their current state, are helpful in migrating simple instances of Jira and Confluence to Atlassian Cloud, and require minimal manual setup that any Atlassian admin can do.


The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant can migrate core and software projects with issue data and attachments, users, and groups. Its drawbacks are that it can't migrate Jira Service Desk projects, some custom fields, global entities like permissions and config, and app data.


The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant can migrate spaces and pages, including attachments and restrictions, users, and groups. Some of the drawbacks here are that it can't migrate global entities and app data. While Atlassian has acknowledged and begun working on some of these shortcomings for their assistants, Isos has had years of experience bridging these gaps for our clients.


However, some of the toughest migrations occur when we are migrating app data from ground to cloud. In Server and Data Center, most Atlassian Marketplace vendors use Java and Active Objects tables to calculate and store data. In the cloud, vendors can use any mix of technology that can take HTTP requests and store data. Furthermore, vendors in the cloud cannot create their own custom fields, so it leads to different implementations to get the job done between ground and cloud. Isos would have to dig into each app's implementations and figure out the best path to try and migrate data--starting with if it is even possible.


This is why we were very excited to hear that Atlassian has been partnering with Marketplace vendors to get app data to Cloud using the Migration Assistant app.


The Cloud Migration Assistants will be able to help admins assess their current apps, if they are available in the cloud, and if data can be migrated automatically. Customers, solution partners, and Marketplace vendors will all benefit as we move to the cloud. 



The Cloud Migration Assistants can link to documentation from the vendor about differences between Server/Service Desk and Cloud versions of apps and their migration pathways. This is also helpful for customers in determining if they want to use an alternative app when they migrate to Cloud. After a Cloud instance has been set up, missing apps can be installed from the Migration Assistant with a click of a button. These improvements will streamline the ground-to-cloud movement. Having official migrations for app data will ensure that clients will be satisfied with their decision.

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TAGS: Confluence, Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Cloud

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