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Here at Isos, we are exposed to an abundance of Atlassian Marketplace Apps on the regular. In fact, we consider ourselves experts on the subject, which is why we opted to include an "App Spotlight of the Month" in every monthly newsletter. This month, we want to showcase Insight from Mindville, which is a powerful app that does just about everything under the sun, including asset management, ITSM, automation, and reporting...to name a few.

If you're running an IT organization, do you struggle with decision making and response times? Do you lose sleep over operational risks? Would you like to implement a plan for increased governance? Insight can help!

Available for Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center, Insight's platform allows you to manage all the vital components of your business, like people (both employees and customers), facilities, hardware, software, compliance, and more. 

Insight connects Jira tickets with the assets they concern.  This connection allows you to navigate directly into the asset database and back again. Insight also provides a structured and graphical representation of data that is important to you in a single source of truth. By connecting Jira issues to your data, you reap benefits like decreased time to resolution, increased visibility, and more time to spend on your day-to-day work. 

Here is a glance at Insight's robust set of features: 

  • Unlimited Assets, Attributes & References
  • Graphical Explorer
  • QR Codes
  • Permissions
  • Powerful Insight Query Language (IQL)
  • Open REST API

With customers like eBay, Lufthansa, Google, Spotify, and Porsche, you can rest assured that Insight is trustworthy and beneficial. For more information, please get in touch with us today! We'd love to chat with you about Insight, Jira Service Desk, your ITSM needs and requirements, or anything else! 

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