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Hibernate Criteria Query: Order by Two Columns Simultaneously

Software Development, Software Solutions

By Ryan Peterson

One item I came across recently was trying to order a Hibernate Criteria Query by two columns of equal importance. Basically, if I have a table where one column is a date (createdOnDate) and the other[...]

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Create a Test Instance of Jira with Two Mouse Clicks – Part I

Development Process, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Agile

Just as I finished up this blog entry, Atlassian sent out a mass email announcing the release of Jira 6. With the awesome list of features ranging from a new clean look, increased UI speed, enhanced mobile interface and[...]

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What's New in Jira 6

Development Process, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Agile, Project Management

Earlier this week, Atlassian released version 6 of their flagship product Jira (tracking and workflow management platform). They’re touting it as their biggest release ever. For those in the IT or project management[...]

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Collaborating without a File Server

Development Process, Software Development

By David Wierbiki

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to share files with a co-worker or a team member and for whatever reason, your organization may make it difficult to share those files easily and[...]

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Eulogy for the Mimeograph

Software Development, Software Solutions

The proliferation of copying machines sounded the death knell for the purpley scented handouts and exams still smudgy from their birth on a mimeograph. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Google “mimeograph.”[...]

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Portlet Basics: Passing Objects

Software Development, Portal, Software Solutions


Hello and welcome to another short portlet lesson. This one is aimed at beginning portlet developers! I will concentrate on one of the basics of portlet development:[...]

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