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How to Configure a STS Instance in OS X

Software Development, Spring

By Ryan Peterson

When I was new to OSX, something that would come up is how to properly configure STS within OSX.  This may be a no-brainer to those more familiar with the ins and outs of OSX, but it still seems to[...]

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Our Values


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The Gaming of the Blogs - Part I - Game On!


What Came Before?

At the beginning of 2013, Isos Technology had zero blog entries. By the end of the year we had 97. That’s averages out to a rate of about two entries per week, a pretty impressive velocity for our[...]

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Useful Atlassian APIs for Plugin Development

Atlassian Tools, Software Solutions

By Robert Hall


In a previous post, Atlassian plugin development using the Atlassian SDK was introduced. In this post, we go into more depth with an important aspect of plugin development--Atlassian APIs for[...]

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