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Don't Break the Chain: How to Get Things Done in Development & Design

Development Process, Culture

By David Wierbiki

Taking Notes & Reminders

If you aren't taking notes, you’re doing it wrong! Write everything down, either by hand or digital device. I keep a number of Moleskin™s of different sizes and flavors for[...]

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Telecommuting in Today's World

Development Process, Culture, Project Management

By Justin Freeman

Here at Isos Technology, one of the most important tools we use in our developmental engagements is Telecommuting. Most developers these days don’t work in 8AM-5PM blocks. Our consultants both need[...]

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Preventing Duplicate Submissions in Spring MVC

Software Development, Spring, Software Solutions

By Joel Brinkman

Trying to prevent duplicate form submissions in web application development is a problem as old as the web and is often overlooked. Unfortunately, when overlooked it may enrage your unsuspecting user[...]

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The "Ride-a-Bike-for-Lunch" Development Process

Development Process, Software Development, Culture

At isōs Technology we take our process automation expertise very seriously. Our clients aren't the only ones that benefit from this company pillar. The only way that all of us at isōs can be such evangelists is if we[...]

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