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Data Modeling: Selecting the Right Cardinality

Software Development, Software Solutions

Guest post by Mike Fanning

One of the more subtly difficult decisions to make when data modeling is selecting the appropriate cardinality for a relationship. Choosing the wrong cardinalities can lead to some awkward[...]

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What can @Formula in Hibernate do for you?

Software Development, Software Solutions

By Justin Freeman

I recently discovered an awesome annotation in Hibernate that somehow escaped me in my consulting adventures. It is called @Formula. It is pretty straightforward to use and once you've seen it's[...]

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The Gaming of the Blogs - Part III - A Look Back


Hey, where are the new blog entries?!

“It’s already January 8th and I haven’t seen any new entries this year. Did I miss something somewhere? Did you make a resolution to publish fewer nuggets of verbal gold? C’mon man,[...]

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