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Diving Into Atlassian

By JoJo Salazar

I first met the Isos gang at Atlassian's 2017 Summit in San Francisco, where I was...

28 Aug, 2018

Trello's European Vacation

This year, my family and I were fortunate enough to go on the trip of a lifetime. In January, my...

21 Aug, 2018
Atlassian Tools

Glass Hammer Podcast - Episode 2, Part 1

Guest Contributor: Larry Cummings

Isos Technology is proud to bring you the first part of the...

20 Aug, 2018

So, Slack... Now What: First Things a Creative Professional Should Do when Switching to Slack

So your company has to switch to Slack because Atlassian's killing HipChat and Stride...

14 Aug, 2018

What to Think About When Migrating HipChat to Slack?

10 Aug, 2018

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