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Multi-Focus: It's Like Multitasking, Without Having to BS

There was a post somewhere, and I hate that I can't find it so that I could cite it. I remember...

28 Jan, 2020

REST API Authentication Script


This article is for anyone making basic Jira REST API calls that have not explored the use...

23 Jan, 2020

From Chaos to Utopia - The Culling

Guest Contributor: Michael Sedovic

The old saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely” had to have...

21 Jan, 2020

Finding Where Issue Types are Used the Quick Way

To run the below groovy scripts in this blog, you can use the Groovy Script Tester if you are...

16 Jan, 2020

From Chaos to Utopia - The Infrastructure

Guest Contributor: Michael Sedovic

As mentioned in The Beginning, the Atlassian setup that was...

14 Jan, 2020

Trello for the Jira Snobs

I have been using Jira since 2004, I know the ins-and-outs and feel like it's the hammer I can...

9 Jan, 2020

From Chaos to Utopia - The Beginning

Guest Contributor: Michael Sedovic

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the administrative...

7 Jan, 2020

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