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Webinar: 3 Agile & DevOps Best Practices for Success in Atlassian Cloud

Cloud, Atlassian Cloud

Register today for our June 16th webinar, presented by StarCIO, Appfire, and Isos Technology!

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5 Key Ways an Atlassian Managed Services Partner Can Add Value

Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Managed Services

Here at Isos Technology, our Managed Services team is known for superb customer service and overall support of your Atlassian stack. Whether you're looking for incident support for your Atlassian products,[...]

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Atlassian Team '21 Insights, Part 2: Compass, Team Central, and Jira Product Discovery

News, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Agile, Project Management, Atlassian Team '21

In this installment of our blog series on Team '21, Isos Technology gives its take on some important announcements Atlassian made during last month's virtual event. Learn more about Compass, Team Central, and Jira[...]

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A How-to on Effectively Using Queues in Jira Service Management

Atlassian Tools, ITSM, Jira Service Management

Queues in Jira Service Management (JSM) are a great way to bucket issues, helping to put the work in front of the right person to address the need at hand quickly. Building a queue is as easy as a good JQL statement.

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10 Ways to Retain & Motivate Employees in 2021


Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

It's no secret that employees are ultimately what create and perpetuate an organization's culture. While much of the focus is on how companies can bring in the best talent, retaining[...]

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Atlassian Team '21 Insights, Part 1: Point A, Jira Work Management, Trello

News, Atlassian Team '21

In our latest blog series, Isos Technology gives its take on all the important Atlassian Team '21 announcements. Let's start with Point A, Jira Work Management, and Trello...

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A Great Place For Learning: Atlassian Community Events


When I wrap up an engagement with a client, there is usually a question about ongoing education. There are the usual suspects such as Atlassian training courses online, tutorials provided by Atlassian on YouTube,[...]

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Don't Miss SLOConf, the First Service Level Objective Conference for Site Reliability Engineers

Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is one of the hottest areas as companies look to build reliable systems and their online presence. As companies rush to adopt SRE principles, Service Level Objectives (SLOs)—the[...]

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Atlassian’s ThinkTilt Acquisition is a ProForma Formula for ITSM & ESM Success

Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, ITSM, Jira Service Management, Enterprise Service Management

In the runup to Team ’21, Atlassian announced they had acquired ThinkTilt, the company that makes one of our favorite no-code/low-code form builders for Jira and Jira Service Management, ProForma. ProForma has been[...]

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8 Atlassian University Courses That Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Jira Cloud

Jira, Atlassian Cloud, Training

So you want to learn how to use Jira Cloud, but you're not sure where to start? Below, I will lay out some resources for learning the basics of using Jira Cloud so you can hit the ground running! In this blog we'll[...]

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4 Ways Isos Technology Promotes Culture When Working Remotely

Culture, Remote Work

By now, most companies have all or some of their employees working remotely, but even with the pandemic seemingly winding down, many companies are going to stay in a remote/hybrid style (ahem, as I predicted in some[...]

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New! The Complete Guide to Atlassian Managed Services

Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Managed Services

More organizations than ever are outsourcing business-critical IT processes like hosting, security, and application management to managed services providers.

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Isos Technology Wins Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020: ITSM!

News, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Atlassian Team '21

It's no secret that 2020 was filled with a fair amount of uncertainty, tumult, and sadness due to a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and political divisiveness. Some might even substitute those adjectives in[...]

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What You Should Know About Atlassian's Newest Cloud Option: Cloud Enterprise

Atlassian, Atlassian Cloud

Many organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy to meet today’s business needs. From global teams and complex technology stacks, to strict security and reliability requirements, companies have a lot to[...]

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