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Clear Out Clutter and Improve Search Results by Archiving Pages in Confluence Cloud

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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez


In my last blog, I wrote about project archiving in Jira Cloud. I'd like to say that two things are still happening since my previous blog post:

1. I'm still quarantined to my home due to Covid-19 and...

2. I'm still waiting for project archiving to be released.
So since I have extra time on my hands, I've been nose-deep in the new Page Archiving feature in Confluence Cloud. This feature is now live in beta on Confluence Cloud standard and premiums plans. This has been pretty awesome to explore as an Atlassian administrator because, in the past, I've only been able to do this by using
Better Content Archiving for Confluence with on-premise instances.

So, you may be wondering, what does this solve? Let me break it down...


Better Search Results

The biggest complaint I hear from Confluence users is inaccurate results in the search box. Naturally, Confluence becomes the source of truth for many teams, and as the organization grows, so does the content in Confluence. It's important as an Atlassian Administrator to ensure that teams can use tools like Confluence, but also make sure they can use the tool effectively. Archiving pages that have not been viewed or updated helps reduce the number of pages that appear in a search box. In return, this reassures teams that the content they are viewing is up to date. 


De-Clutter Your Space

With so much information available to teams in Confluence, it's easy to come across a cluttered space. Users can now archive a page by opening the (...) ellipses in the top right-hand corner of any page. You can then find the archived pages in the same space in the archived section. This is a huge win. Instead of having to navigate to another space or location, everything is stored in one area. Restoring the page is just as easy, and you even get the option to restore it to a specific page tree.

I'm excited for this feature to be part of the standard offering. Even though it is still new to the scene, I look forward to being able to automate archiving, archive nested pages, and also have a high-level view of pages being archived throughout the instance.

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