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Atlassian's New Forge Platform for Cloud Apps Offers Enhanced Security

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Atlassian Cloud has been growing quickly, and it's not difficult to understand why. Teams using Atlassian Cloud products have increased productivity and reduced administrative costs. Plus, now they can scale with confidence. The Atlassian Marketplace is also scaling up. Top Atlassian Server and Data Center app vendors are now offering Cloud-compatible apps. However, enterprise customers have expressed concerns about the Cloud app platform, Atlassian Connect, and some trust and security issues around this platform.

Vendors who use the Connect platform are in charge of maintaining and deploying apps and infrastructure. The supported frameworks require servers to run, network configuration for databases and access, and much more...all of which can cause vulnerabilities. While Atlassian has been working on enforcing certain security measures, it's difficult to have 100% compliance from all vendors across its ecosystem.

The good news is that Atlassian's new Forge platform for Cloud apps solves a lot of these security concerns. It's a serverless, function-as-a-service (FaaS) platform that's owned and operated by Atlassian. Forge takes care of authentication, scale, and tenancy. It assures that each function call running in the Node.js runtime is isolated so that data will never leak between customer sites or other running apps.

Atlassian also introduced Forge UI. This is a declarative UI that uses AtlasKit and will be compatible with web and mobile devices.

Lastly, Atlassian introduced Forge CLI for developers to deploy Forge apps to development, stage, and prod environments. We hope this ties into Atlassian's new sandbox environment for Cloud. All of these new additions together allow developers to focus more on app features and spend less time worrying about where their app is running.

Forge will make it easier for customers with security concerns to get into Cloud. Apps can be written without having to worry about hosting and security. The Forge team is constantly adding new features so that it can be used alongside Connect in Atlassian Cloud. Many in-house apps built for Server and Data Center will soon be able to be recreated in Forge. There is currently a waitlist for the Forge Beta.

To date, there haven't been any announcements on Marketplace or pricing yet, but a serverless platform should be considerably cheaper.


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