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Since the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, business leaders have been forced to evaluate the way they conduct business both internally and with their customers. Businesses that were reluctant to, or incapable of, allowing employees to work from home were essentially forced to do so to help flatten the curve and minimize the spread of this harmful virus. 

Luckily, industry leaders like Atlassian have been helping business teams all over the world collaborate in the same office, from a home office, or across the globe for years. Here are some of the ways that the Atlassian applications allow remote business teams to stay connected to internal and external customers. 


Jira Software 

Through the use of Jira, teams can stay connected and collaborate with one another no matter their location. Teams can create custom workflows to alert the right people and progress within the scrum or Kanban board. This can be done through workflow automation using exiting email handlers like Gmail or Outlook. Through the use of Kanban boards, teams can visualize work in the backlog, in progress, and work that's been completed. Scrum boards enable teams to manage sprints and backlogs. Through Jira, teams are also able to keep time logs. With time tracking enabled, time can be estimated, planned, and logged directly in tickets. Jira is an awesome tool to help teams and people stay connected and prioritize issues without being in the same office or region. 



Confluence is a great tool to help teams stay updated with the most accurate information about the business. The leadership team at Isos Technology is very transparent and sends out weekly communication to the company around updates pertaining to COVID-19. They inform us on the steps they are taking to improve the physical, financial, and overall health of our business and the possible impacts they may have. Businesses can use Confluence in similar ways by creating templates for training materials for HR or new hires so that employees can access the materials they need in one central location. Through the use of @ mentions, you're able to tag the right people to the right conversations and documents to give proper feedback. 


Jira Service Desk 

Jira Service Desk is another fantastic tool that allows customers outside your organization to collaborate directly with your team. You are able to give customers access to a portal where they can submit tickets to request anything from your organization. From there, your team can set up SLAs to keep track of deadlines or the time that it takes to resolve customer issues. You can easily configure queues so that agents are able to go in and choose from issues that they need to work on based on their customer or request type. In addition to submitting requests through the portal, you can send out CSAT requests to your customers to get information on how your company is handling requests. Jira Service Desk is an awesome solution for companies that need to collaborate both internally and externally with customers.  


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