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2018 Atlassian Product Improvements and Price Increase

We all hate price increases, but they're often delivered in the form of something we all love, sandwiches.

Yes, the ole Sandwich Technique: where unpleasant, negative news is delivered “sandwiched” between two positive statements. In 2018 Atlassian's case, product improvements (positive), price increases (negative), and flexible money-saving options (positive).

Bottom Layer Positive: Atlassian Product Investments

In 2018 Atlassian delivered on some key product improvements, including the following:

  • Top-requested features and product improvements for server products, including a UI refresh across all products, Confluence Server iOS and Android apps, and delegated administration, Priorities per project and Kanplan for better backlog management in Jira.
  • Introduced the Enterprise release designation for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Desk for customers who are looking for maximum stability and an upgrade path that meets their needs.
  • Overhaul of their cloud infrastructure to improve performance, enable greater scale, and ensure that they meet security, privacy, and compliance expectations. As part of this larger investment in scale, they’ve taken a step towards making cloud products more accessible for large customers by raising the Jira and Confluence cloud limit from 2000 users to 5000 users.
  • Atlassian announced that they agreed to acquire OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting. This announcement is coupled with the launch a new product, Jira Ops. Together they form a powerful incident management solution.

Middle Layer Negative: Atlassian Licensing and Pricing Increase

Atlassian increased their licensing and pricing for Server products and Cloud products as of October 12, 2018.


1. Server Product Price Increases

Effective 10/12/2018, Atlassian increased the price of their Server products as follows:

  • 25% increase on user tiers up to and including 500 users
  • 15% increase on user tiers above 500 users

These increases took place for the following Server products:


2. Cloud Product Price Increases

Effective 10/12/2018, Atlassian increased the price of their Cloud products as follows:

  • 10% increase for the following products on user tiers 101 and above

These increases took place for the following Cloud products:


3. Data Center Product Price Changes

Effective 10/12/2018, Atlassian eliminated the Server to Data Center upgrade credit for Jira Software at the 500 user tier.


What about Atlassian Marketplace Apps?

At this point, pricing for Marketplace vendor apps (or non-Atlassian 3rd party apps) have not changed as a direct result of Atlassian's price changes. However, Marketplace vendors can adjust their pricing at anytime, so please check marketplace.atlassian.com for up-to-date app pricing information.


Top Layer Positive: There Are Options!

For our Clients who were impacted by these price increases, here are the options we provided:

  • Option to create a renewal quote at their current pricing prior to the effective date of 10/12/2018.
  • Our Server clients had the option to renew at their current pricing for up to 3 years.
  • Our Cloud customers had the option to renew for up to 1 year on their current pricing.

We know you may have questions and Isos Technology is here to provide answers and options to maximize your Atlassian investment. Please reach out to Isos Technology’s Atlassian License Management today to request a quote: licensing@isostech.com

For more information, please visit these FAQ pages:

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