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5 Advantages of Atlassian Server Over Cloud

There are compelling arguments on both sides of the Atlassian Cloud vs. Server debate. It is important to look into some of the more granular requirements of each when deciding which deployment will best suit your organization in the long run.

Atlassian compared the Cloud vs. Server options, and the benefits of the popular Cloud solution are plenty. However, there are a few additional drawbacks to the Cloud option that are important to understand. 


1. URL Selection

It is not easy to change the URL once you have chosen it. This should be considered when you sign up for the 7-day Cloud trial. If you do wish to change the URL, a process is required. While you do not need an Atlassian Solutions Partner to complete this, it is still a level of effort.


2. High Use

While Atlassian has excellent uptime on the Cloud products, there are periods when performance can be affected as a result of high use. This typically begins around the 500+ user tier and above. If your instance were to go down in the middle of a workday, getting it up again requires opening a ticket with Atlassian. If your organization requires a higher tier, consider whether having your instance down for an hour would detrimental for your business.


3. Sandbox

Cloud does not have a Sandbox (or Stage/Development/QA) instance. There is no way to test any new changes, workflows, or try out new add-ons/apps.


4. Security Controls

Cloud customers who use third-party add-ons/apps could be hosting your information on a server in another country. There are no information security controls around the data from that app.


5. Updates

The updates to the Atlassian Cloud instance happen at random. There is no warning when new changes are being pushed to the Cloud. For better or worse, you and your team will have to live with the changes.


While the Cloud solution is popular for many reasons such as affordability, no infrastructure requirements, and automatic updates, it’s important to understand some of its limitations when deciding between Cloud and Server.

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