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5 Business Teams That Should Take Advantage of the Atlassian Toolset

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In a previous blog, I discussed all the fantastic ways our marketing department utilizes the Atlassian toolset to manage projects, organize documents and enhance collaboration. As I mentioned, Atlassian has long been synonymous with development tools, but many organizations don’t realize that products like Jira and Confluence can be used amongst business teams, as well. Here's a list of five other business departments that can greatly benefit from implementing the Atlassian toolset:  

1. Sales 

Sales teams can utilize Jira and Confluence to organize leads, view metrics on the lifespan and productivity of these leads, create tasks, track issues, develop templates (such as statements of work, proposals, and contracts), and manage projects. With the Atlassian toolset, sales managers have actionable information at their fingertips, as well as much better visibility into the sales pipeline.  

2. Operations 

Does your company's operations team need a solid solution for asset management tracking? Riada Insight - Asset Management for Jira is the perfect answer for teams that manage and control assets like servers, laptops, cell phones, etc. Or maybe your IT department needs a better way to field and manage customer requests? With Jira Service Desk, teams can custom design an easy-to-use portal where customers can submit requests and/or visit a Confluence-driven knowledge base.   

3. Human Resources 

Human Resources departments can streamline onboarding procedures quickly and easily with the Atlassian tools. Confluence provides an excellent documentation center where the HR department can share and concurrently edit new hire paperwork, employee training modules, and policies and procedures for employees. 

4. Finance  

Store important financial information (tax documents, payroll reports, forecasts, and team goals) in Confluence. Manage financial projects with Portfolio for Jira so that you can visualize all tasks on a single board. And stay in touch with all team members via Slack. 

5. Facilities 

At Isos, we use the Atlassian toolset for all our facilities needs. We have an internal-facing Jira Service Desk for employees to submit requests for office maintenance, new keycards, or office supplies. We store our office management paperwork in Confluence, including lease agreements, construction documents for our brand-new office space, and more. For this recent renovation, we also designed a Trello board for interior decorating ideas (furniture, artwork, etc.). The Atlassian toolset was hugely helpful as we took on this enormous project. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how your business teams can implement and use the Atlassian toolset, please let us know! We have first-hand experience on this topic and would love to pass on our knowledge to your organization. Contact sales@isostech.com for more information. 

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