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A New Year with Trello: Goal Tracking with Trello Cards

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By JoJo Salazar

It’s the New Year! It’s time to reflect, to think about what went well in 2018...

...and what could have gone better.

The New Year brings us an optimistic start and fresh outlook. Ahh…

Have you started to implement your resolutions? Better yet, your goals? I prefer to say goals because resolutions translate into intentions. An intention can quickly fail and be forgotten, while a goal has an expected outcome, a plan of action and a means to track progress.

Avoid focusing on what NOT to do. Formulate your goal positively. Don’t say “stop procrastinating". Try “achieve structure!” instead.

When creating a goal, refer to the SMART system

Your goals should be:

Specific: What is it that you want to achieve? Ask yourself the 5 W’s, (who, what, where, when, why)

Measurable: By breaking your goal down you can identify what it is you’ll see, hear and feel when you reach your goal. 

Attainable: It’s up to you to set up a goal that is achievable. Consider the effort, time and other costs your goal will take to achieve with obligations and priorities you have in life. There's nothing wrong with shooting for the moon, but you must also be realistic and plan so you won’t fail.

Relevant: Is the goal relevant to you? Perhaps in order to reach your goal you will have to overcome hurdles and seek certain resources in order to achieve it. Make sure you are clear on the objective behind the goal, and why it is you want to achieve it. How does it tie into your lifestyle at work or at home?

Time-bound: We have all heard the saying, Time is money! Make sure you have a deadline and go for it! But remember, life happens so flex when you need to. Being too stringent on time could have an adverse effect. You will achieve greatness by pacing yourself. 

Enter Trello

Use your Atlassian tools to set and track goals. Many people have success with Trello. Yes, Trello is in fact part of the Atlassian Stack!  Haven’t you always wanted virtual sticky notes (AKA Trello Cards)? You can create a column per goal and use cards for various milestones and individual tracking. You can organize all of your resolutions/goals by identifying the tasks and steps required to achieve success and settling them into an actionable plan. 

Trello makes organization easy. It’s a clutter-free place you can throw out ideas and notes into. It provides transparency and can be shared with friends, family and co-workers. 

Celebrate personal break throughs this year. Be sure to reach for the stars but make sure your goals are in the realm of possibility so you can stay focused and do something extraordinary! 

Check out Brian Cervino’s (Marketing Manager at Trello) board and resolutions. https://trello.com/b/uGcMEnGt/new-years-resolutions

From establishing personal goals and accountability, to compiling a bucket list to keep yourself motivated and going forward… Trello has a template for organizing any of life’s projects. 

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