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How to Ace the ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server

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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Let's chat Atlassian Certifications! Do you manage and configure your organization's projects in Jira? Are you eager to become certified and show your expertise?

Atlassian introduced a new contender into the Atlassian Certification realm, ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server. They have also provided a very detailed on-demand online course in the learning paths portal to help you manage and configure projects in partnership with your Jira Administrator. Before you embark on your certification journey, check out our tips and tricks.

Practice Makes Perfect

This certification is made for a super user who has had at least 6 months of experience or more working in Jira. If this is not you, don't worry - practice makes perfect!

We recommend practicing the different activities from the lab workbook in a dev instance using a project admin account. If you're already a Jira admin, your permissions and capabilities are very different then a project administrators. This can cause you to be confused. It's important to listen to the on-demand online course provided by Atlassian, as there may be some areas you think you know, but which have been recently updated or you misunderstood. Studying the Atlassian coursework is definitely beneficial but getting hands-on experience will create muscle memory.

Organize What You Don't Know

Whether it's using index cards, writing down notes or using a Trello board, it's important to narrow down what you don't know or understand and study it. You need to understand all of the concepts and terminology in the coursework, so it's important that you find a study method that works best for you.

We recommend going over the topics with other project or Jira admins. Whether it's getting clarification on what field configurations are or listening to questions from others that cause you to better understand a topic, this can be helpful. If you're unable to find others to study with, I'd recommend posting a discussion on Atlassian Community. There are many community members who are highly experienced and can answer your questions. There are also others who are prepping for the exam and can study with you offline.

Take the Exam

While you're taking the exam, read every question carefully. Many times, the questions have details that help you eliminate answers. Be mindful of your time. If you do not know the answer to a question, mark it for review. This way, you can go back and take a look again later. Do not leave a question unanswered. It's better to answer a question and possibly get it right then leave it blank and not getting any points. And last but no least, review all of your answers! Make sure all of the questions are answered and double check that the questions requiring two or more answers have just that.

Good luck on your certification journey!

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