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Last Fall I got roped into working on a SAFe whitepaper and webinar. While I had over 10 years experience with Agile, I had never really been exposed to large scale agile frameworks before. I understood some of the limitations with Agile as organizations grew, but I had never looked deeply into how to deal with these issues.

Fortunately, I was joined in working on the whitepaper by Tracy Walton and Bob Wen. Tracy has had much more experience than me helping organizations with Agile transformations, and had done work with helping clients scale their Agile processes. Bob was our resident SAFe expert, possessing an incredible breadth of knowledge around all things Agile and SAFe.

Over the course of the whitepaper/webinar project, I was flooded with a ton of theoretical and practical knowledge. The software architect in me was fascinated with how different frameworks had evolved to improve Agile in the enterprise.

Fast forward to Atlassian Summit 2019 (which was surprisingly the first Summit I’ve attended despite being involved in Isos’ summit campaigns for many years). I focused on sessions revolving around two areas: (1) scaling (2) development - as a software architect and developer for most of my career, I will always gravitate here.

The scaling sessions did not disappoint. Atlassian announced the acquisition of AgileCraft… and the rebranding to Jira Align. This was the most exciting announcement at Summit, in my opinion. 

Now that we are a few months past Summit, Isos has continued forward on a dedicated path around Jira Align. We have run multiple employees through training to truly understand how the tool fits into the services we offer our clients, and to best speak to their needs. If you have any questions about Jira Align, I would encourage you to reach out and get more information. And if you happen to be at the Agile Alliance DC conference, stop by and see Lia Wood and Nick Nader, both have been fully trained in Jira Align.

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