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Atlassian Community Fun

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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez



What is Atlassian Community?

The Atlassian community is the one stop shop to find answers, support, and inspiration from other Atlassian users. It is comprised of the Atlassian team, partners, developers, users and more. Many visit the community to find answers for their Atlassian products and cruise by all the fun. 

Topics & Groups

There's Misc. Monday, Topic-Tuesdays, Welcome Wednesday and Friday Fun. It's important to note that the Atlassian Community is not only filled with technical information. Atlassian users, partners and employees gather for a wide variety of discussions. If you're new to the community, head over to the Welcome Center. Maybe you have questions about AWS and Data Center, the Enterprise group is filled of experts happy to answer your questions. Another great group is the Diversity & Inclusion group where the Atlassian team, partners and users discuss different implementations in the workplace. The Atlassian Community goes beyond the web. Atlassian enthusiasts are meeting across the world at Atlassian User Groups. Find a group near you and become part of your local Atlassian community.


Did you know you can earn several badges in the Atlassian community? If you created a profile,  you will see a tab called badges. Atlassian Community allows you to work your way up by earning Level badges by performing different actions like responding to an Atlassian discussion, posting an article, and liking content. Once you complete these actions, you will receive an email letting you know that you've leveled up. Oh wait, the fun doesn't stop there! The Atlassian community also has super cool badges that can be earned every month. For example, in order to earn the Novemeber badge, you must answer 20 questions during the month of November. Are you loving the badges? There's even more available. The Atlassian communities top influencers also have the opportunity to become Community Champions. Community champions get so many cool opportunities like the opportunity to earn a free ticket to Atlassian Summit and the chance to have dinner with our co-founders, Mike and Scott.

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