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Atlassian Training like an Isosian

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Atlassian Authorized Training Partner Isos Technology

As anyone starting a new job can attest, training is by far the most necessary component to any position. You need to understand your function within the organization, and how to do your job effectively. Most of the time, employees are learning how to properly use software to streamline their responsibilities and keep track of work tasks. The software training they receive is crucial to their functionality. At Isos, we focus on more than just making your employees knowledgeable about your business processes. We also guide them on how the tools can make those processes more effective, thereby creating a better employee.
Here at Isos, we use the entire set of Atlassian products to manage our consulting practice. Each on-boarded employee goes through a series of Atlassian training, to familiarize themselves with the applications they will be using and working in every day. This training is specific to our processes and workflows. Seeing the benefit from this training, we have helped our customers create custom training programs for their organizations multiple times in our years as Experts. There are multiple ways organizations can train their employees on Atlassian applications:

  1. Atlassian Approved Pre-Recorded Training Courses
    1. Atlassian has approved the content delivered in each of these courses. You can find the full list of classes here.
    2. This content is pre-recorded for individual digestion. It is great for beginning users who just need an overview of the basics of each application.
  2. Atlassian Approved Training Courses Delivered by an Authorized Training Partner.
    1. Isos Technology was the first Atlassian Expert to be certified in the Authorized Atlassian Training Program (AATP).
  3. Custom Atlassian Training
    1. Isos understands each business uses Atlassian products differently. Understanding how your organization and the tools function together is an important variable in any business equation. We take the time to learn about your business, identify the knowledge gaps, develop course content specific to your organization, and deliver the content after your approval. This training style takes time and is more involved, but the return on investment is high due to the specific nature of the courses.

If you’re in need of any Atlassian training or are curious which style would work best for you, please email me at lia.wood@isostech.com . I would love to discuss your options and how best Isos Technology can help your company!

TAGS: Content Management, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools

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