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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Use Case:

The app Jira Misc Workflow Extensions allows you to enhance your workflows beyond the out of the box Jira features. One feature JMWE has available is the ability to set a field values based on a condition. For departments like legal and human resources this is useful in terms of setting the issue security level.

Oftentimes they have sensitive information that shouldn't be viewed by everyone. Setting issue security as default isn't always needed for all issue types, rather being needed based on a few conditions. For example, if the issue type is "Background Check" then the security level should be set to "Investigators" automatically.


  1. Install the JMWE app.
  2. Create an issue security scheme and associate it with the target project.
  3. Add the field "Security Level" to the project's screen scheme.
  4. Go into the project's workflow of choice and add the following post function:
  5. In the post function, choose "Security Level" and enter the value for the security level (For example: Investigators).
  6. Add conditions if needed. In this case, the condition is that the "Background Check" issue type is required for the "Investigators" security level.
  7. Publish the workflow and test.

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