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I love watching baseball. It's relaxing, it makes sense (most of the time) and the teams that win are usually talented and resourceful.

It occurred to me as I watched my Nationals lose again (when this was written they weren't doing too well, I'm hoping they're in a different position when it gets published) that this is very similar to an Atlassian implementation.Hear me out...

Spring Training... building for the upcoming season

Any sort of Atlassian project takes pre-planning. Just like the exercises a baseball player goes through, there are lots of questions and considerations to go over.

  • How will the team be composed? What is the architecture going to look like?
  • Will the roster be able to get us through the season? Do we have the right people in place to complete the project?
  • Is the manager the right person to lead this team? Do you have a single person who is ensuring the success of the project?
  • Iron out the wrinkles. Anything that isn't going to work out nicely in your Atlassian application, fix it early.

Opening Day

We've laid the groundwork, and now it's time to start the season.

  • Is the stadium ready... the concessions, the field? Do we have the right infrastructure in place?
  • Have we figured out any issues from Spring Training? Have we successfully ironed out any wrinkles in the plan?
  • Are key contributors healthy? If you are migrating, is the source system healthy? If you bring in mess, you will continue fighting mess.
  • The first win may only be the beginning, but starting out on a high note always sets the best tone.

The rest of the season begins

Hopefully you "won" on Opening Day, but now it's time to dig in and try to get going.

  • Struggling to win? You may run into unexpected issues early in your Atlassian project. Keep moving forward.
  • Injuries piling up (remember I'm a Nats fan)? You may need more resources than you initially expected, work hard to rally!
  • People keep saying "it's early, there is time to turn it around." Listen to them... while there may be bumps in the road early, remember you are doing this for a reason.

All Star Break

Remember that everybody deserves a break.

  • Nominate your All Stars! Identify the people who are strongly contributing to the project and let them have some fun.
  • Those that are nominated. Give them a rest so that they can reenergize.
  • Show the fans what they want to see. Show the stakeholders that you've made progress and that you are heading in the right direction.

Trade Deadline Looming

You've given everybody time to reenergize and prepare themselves for the final push. Now what?

  • Players not working out as expected? Set tangible goals and find ways to help them improve.
  • Gaps in your roster? Look at other teams and see how you can supplement your team. You may need more resources than you initially thought.
  • Down to the wire for the trade deadline. Don't wait until the end to supplement your team... the sooner you get resources rolled on, the sooner they can start contributing to your team.

You've made the playoffs!

It's been a long season, you may be a little dinged up but it's time for the final push!

  • The playoffs are the real time to shine. Maybe you've rehearsed the process and have an Atlassian environment up and running for testing. You're so close!
  • It's time for your stars to really show up. Your primary contributors need to step up and continue performing highly as they have been.
  • The roster expands for the playoffs. It's been a process getting to this point, make sure you've got the right people on the team in order to drive to the finish line.

World Series

You're here, the big game. Also known as go live.

  • This series could go to seven games, be ready for it! Your go live may involve a migration or moving teams into the new applications. Have a plan for the whole cutover including which pitchers, ahem I mean contributors will be up when.
  • The energy of the games will be like nothing you've experienced all season. Be ready for the emotions that go along with an intense cutover and assume that people will need some mental breaks.
  • Game 7, you're live and people are using the applications. Be prepared for the unexpected. Maybe you've got to bring in your ace in relief, don't be afraid to think outside the box.

Treat the whole process as if it's a long season where you will have to put in a lot of energy. Be prepared and make sure you have the right people involved.

Sometimes those right people will be tried and true veterans who have been around the game a long time....like an Atlassian Expert!

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