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Communication is the name, and Productivity is the Game!

Atlassian, Software Solutions, DevOps

I previously wrote about the three important points everyone should understand before starting a migration:

  • Discovery
  • Dual effort
  • Communication

Communication is so important in every single phase of any project, but for migration projects, communication is mission critical and directly correlates to the happiness of both the Consultant and the Client. And, communication comes in various forms.

Here the major forms of communication which keep each iteration on track, and eventually equal project success:

  • Access, Access, Access:
    • In order to actually begin work on your migration, we will need to have the proper access to your environment PRIOR to the initial kick off of the project. If you know getting access to your environment is going to be challenging, COMMUNICATE this to your Project Manager, so you both have a clear understanding and timeline. Otherwise, you will be burning hours on the project just by checking back on access validation.
  • Company Schedule:
    • Is your team about to go on vacation? Or have a major release coming up? Or maybe there is a company wide water balloon tournament which will keep key team members away for a whole afternoon? COMMUNICATE this to your PM in advance, so they can plan around your schedule. Both sides will get frustrated when work items have been tasked for completion during a week your team is unavailable. And in some cases of migration, this could mean duplicating efforts again because you were out of the office.
  • New Priorities?:
    • With each project, it’s important for both teams to meet face to face and map out specific data marked for the move. This process is essential in making sure the proper information gets moved into the proper place in your new environment. If internally you have decided all data from 2004 is irrelevant, and the attachments from 2005 are no longer necessary, the sooner you COMMUNICATE this to your Consultant the better. As Consultants, we want to use the hours for you in the best way possible. And that means not wasting time on tasks that are no longer of importance to you.

These might seem like no brainer points, but this has become an issue in most migration projects over the last six months. Something as simple as access, PTO, and changed priorities can chew up hours and derail relationships in the quickest fashion. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen together!

TAGS: Atlassian, Software Solutions, DevOps

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