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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

If you haven't heard about Atlassian's awesome online community, I encourage you to check out the Atlassian Community today! This year during the Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, we anxiously clenched onto our bags waiting to hear the about new releases. Little did we know that Atlassian was rebranding the Atlassian Community. The community, composed of online contributors called Community Champions and on the ground contributors called Aug Leaders, are now becoming one referred to as Community Leaders. This is a big win for the community because of the silos between those online and in person. So we all celebrated both online and at Summit for the future of the Atlassian Community.

Here are a few exclusive opportunities Community Leaders got to experience during Summit.

Community Lounge

Inside of the Community Lounge, there was a "badge bar" where you could  join the community and complete activities to earn awesome swag.

Swag'd Out

There's no such thing as too much swag. Here are just a few goodies I picked up at the Community Lounge.

Meeting Friends IRL

As a Community Leader for the diversity and inclusion group, I finally got the opportunity to meet many of my online friends and fellow Community Leaders in real life.

Scavenger Hunt

Unfortunately some of our Community Leaders couldn't make it to Summit this year. We couldn't let them FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) at home, so we held both an in-person and online scavenger hunt.

Exclusive Dinner

Our ultimate Pow-wow! Community Leaders came together to celebrate all our wins this year at an awesome speakeasy styled restaurant called 1923.

Front seat to Keynotes

VIP treatment! All Community Leaders had reserved seating front and center for every keynote.

Top deck access during Bash

VIP Pin = VIP Access. Top deck view to the largest 80's party on the beach known as "Bash." While some enjoyed the view, others rolled their pants up and enjoyed the band from the water.

It's never too late to join the Atlassian community. Don't miss out on all the awesome opportunities available. I hope to see you next year at Summit!

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