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Confluence Quizzes and HR: Assessments, Tests and Training

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By Katerina Kolina

No doubt that bad hiring decisions and absence of proper employee training can shatter any business. That’s why it is so important to have hiring, onboarding and training processes well-organized and running smoothly in a company.
Assessments and tests are an essential part of any of these processes.

They make your life so much easier when you need to:

  • Evaluate knowledge, skills and competency of job candidates
  • Make sure new hires fully understand fundamental policies and procedures of your company
  • Find out how well participants of an employee training course assimilated and comprehended the information, etc.

Tests and Training Courses in Confluence. No Integrations Required

There is a variety of tools for administering test and training material. From applications for quiz creation to learning management systems.
And now users of Atlassian Confluence can extend their favourite wiki to use it for these purposes as well. How? With the Quizzes for Confluence add-on. It equips Confluence with the capabilities you need to work with tests and assessments.

The Quizzes add-on allows you to create tests right in Confluence. No integrations with third-party platforms are required. There are multiple question types to choose from and various quiz settings available for configuration.

With Quizzes it is possible to:

  • Set up tests that will be used on their own
  • Use the add-on to create training courses in Confluence

Let's take a look at some of Quizzes features. To see them in action, visit the Quizzes Demo Space.

Flexible Quiz Assigning and Self-enrollment

A quiz creator can either:

  • Assign a quiz to participants by sharing it with them
  • or, let participants self-enroll to a quiz

When you share a quiz, a participant gets a quiz link by email. A quiz author can share quizzes even with participants who have no account in Confluence. It means a person doesn't have to be a Confluence user to take a quiz. It is very convenient when you need some external user who is not a part of your team participate in a test. E.g. a manager can share a quiz with job candidates for assessment during recruitment.


Besides assigning quizzes, it is possible to let participants (including anonymous users) self-enroll by creating a page for self-enrollment.E.g. such a page can be a list of quizzes for self-check that are optional for completion. Your team members can visit it, select tests that are relevant for them and complete quizzes at their own pace.

Taking a Quiz

The process of taking a quiz is very simple and intuitive.Take_quiz
Depending on quiz settings participants:

  • Have one or several attempts to pass a quiz
  • Need to complete a quiz within a time limit or have unlimited time for that
  • Can see results only after completing the whole test or after each question as well – view a message telling if the answer was correct or wrong; or feedback for correct and wrong answers provided by a quiz author
  • Are able to skip questions and get back to them later or have to submit an answer to a question to proceed to the next one

Viewing Quiz Results and Participant’s Answers

A quiz author can view a summary report showing quiz results of all participants.
In addition to that, it is possible to see what answers a participant gave to each quiz question.

Set up Training Courses in Confluence

When it comes to creating training courses, you can use Confluence inbuilt functionality to organize the training material and the Quizzes add-on to add tests to it.

Steps to follow:

  • Create a parent page that will serve as a course introduction page
  • Add child pages with training content. A page per module. Here you can use powerful Confluence editor and macros to present different types of content, such as text, videos, decks, etc.
  • Set up quizzes for modules that need a check-up
  • Share the training course introduction page with participants to assign a course to them
  • Let participants study the course material and complete quizzes
  • Track and analyze results using quiz reports

The Quizzes add-on makes you think of the Confluence platform from a totally new perspective – place for tests and training courses you used to host in special applications.
Try Quizzes for Confluence on your own Confluence or in the Quizzes Demo Space today and take advantage of having your assessments in Confluence, where your teams are.

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