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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Spring cleaning is all about "out with the old, in with the new". Hopefully your Jira Administrators are taking a look at your Jira instance and evaluating custom fields, workflows and schemes, both those in use and those not in use.

We typically recommend larger enterprises try to reuse custom fields as much as possible. Our first tip is create generic custom fields that can be used by multiple projects. For example, a custom field called "Marketing Customers" typically can't be used by engineer teams. Whereas a custom field called "Customers" can be used by all teams. Before you begin to delete custom fields, check out a few implications below.

  1. Historical Data will be deleted.
    1. Deleting a custom field will cause any data that field contained to be deleted. Why does this matter? Well, reports, gadgets and filters containing the custom field will have different result in their data. We do not want to effect historical data. We recommend that when aggregating custom fields, it's best to migrate the data over to the new custom field prior to deleting the field.
  2. Reports, dashboards and filters using the field will be broken.
    1. Any users who are using the custom field in reports, dashboard and filters will see an error message once the field is deleted. It's best to communicate with users prior to deleting the field. This will allow users the time to modify the JQL in their filters to accommodate their business needs. If the field data will now be used by a new field, it's best to provide the field name and ID to users so that they can add the new field to their filters.
  3. Apps using the custom field will be broken.
    1. Users may be using apps that are using the custom fields, perhaps in filters. For example, apps like eazyBI or Structure pull in custom fields to build custom reports. Deleting the field will also cause the reports to break. It's best to do an audit of where the custom fields are being used and communicate with users who are affected.

Isos Technology has a Managed Services and Support team who serve as subject matter experts and can provide organizations with health checks of their instance. Health checks encompass many things, including aggregating and deleting custom fields to enhance Jira performance. Contact us today about our services and offerings.

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