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Do you Have a License for That Desk?

Confluence, Atlassian, Culture, Jira

It’s finally here! Spring has sprung. I think this time of year is like no other. There is a palpable feel in the air to do something. Go somewhere! Plant something! Start a project! You might even whistle as you walk into work in the morning... assuming you had your coffee first, of course- let’s not get crazy! Seemingly people are much more receptive to a change. This time of year is so inspirational.

Here at Isos we’ve had a big change this spring – a new office! Check it out on our Facebook or Instagram. It is a great reflection of our team. Innovative, bright and creative are a few words that come to mind.

Not everyone can pull off a move right now, but why not take advantage of the motivation Spring brings at your office? How about using a Confluence app (try Coniforms or Forms for Confluence) to help you create an employee suggestion box? You can even make it so the suggestions are anonymous. Perhaps ask for specific submissions, such as what tool would help make a certain task easier? Or take a poll on everyone’s favorite headsets. You might just discover a gem of an idea!

My department has our own special Spring project developing... something to assist our customers with communicating their licensing needs. Hint- it involves Jira Service Desk. More to come at a later date! We are still in the design phase; I’ll share more as the development process moves along. Due to the talent around me, I just know it will be great!

TAGS: Confluence, Atlassian, Culture, Jira

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