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Enhancing the Help Text in Jira Service Desk (JSD)

Atlassian, Jira

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Jira Service Desk allows project administrators to customize the customer portal to include branding, adding custom icons and inputting descriptions for request types.

These descriptions are typically a sentence that describes what the request is for. Many don't know that JSD supports markdown and descriptions can be enhanced. Below I share a few of my favorite markdown options for JSD, including examples and the code to implement them.



Perhaps you would like to list different requirements needed for this request type. Using indents is an easy way to list conditions for the user to view.

text 1
text 2
text 3



Skipping lines

Maybe you don't want indents. This is an easy way to separate the sentences.

words \\
next line \\
more lines \\




Customers often miss important details on the request type descriptions. Bolding the text will capture the users attention right away.

*bold* this text



Linking a wiki or another service desk may be a requirement in your JSD project. No worries, add a link to the introduction or the description of a request type for users to navigate to.

[DONT FORGET - You must fill out a security incident first!|https://jira.domain.com]


For more markdown options, visit this Text Formatting documentation. Interested in more enhancements? Reach out to our Managed Services Team where our Jira fairies can make your JSD come to life!


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