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Github Integration with Jira

Atlassian, Jira

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Use Case: I'm unable to see the development sidebar on my Jira issues.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Was the issue listed in Github?
    1. In order to have the pull request, branch or commit appear in the Jira issue's development sidebar, the issue key must be added. We recommend adding a template in your Github repository that includes "## JIRA Tickets (delete if not applicable)" so that contributors remember to add the Jira issue key.
  2. Are you listed under a project role or group in the development tools permission?
    1. Many use the "Developers" role in their Jira project to manage who can see commits, branches and pull request. This is effective for small teams, where project administrators want limited visibility on development information. For larger teams or cross functioning teams, listing 20+ employees under the project role may be tedious. In this case, it's best to create a Jira group like "engineers-all" or "developers." Keep in mind that team members who are not "engineers" or "developers" may not be included in these groups and may need visibility on the development information. For projects needing a larger visibility by multiple roles in the organizations, it is recommended to add the "jira-users" group to the permissions. This group is typically associated with every user and now that it is listed under the "View Development Tools" permission, any user whether it's the CEO or the engineer can now view the development information.
  3. Is Github connected to the DVCS accounts in Jira?
    1. If you are still having issues viewing any information on the Jira issue, it's time to escalate the issue to the Jira Administrators. The Jira Administrator should check if the Github repository is synced with Jira. Often times, the organization may be synced but the repository isn't. Or vice a versa.

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