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What I got done at Atlassian Summit 2015

Confluence, Atlassian, Jira


Photo Credit: Larry and Laura Photo Credit: Larry and Laura

Last week at Atlassian Summit was a blur... but a very productive one.
I posted my objectives for the summit before I left, so how did I do? Well let me tell you!
I said I wanted to meet the folks I work with remotely, and I did that for sure. I had a wonderful time meeting face to face with folks I usually only see through their conference calling avatar. I also made some new friends. There were folks in consulting roles that are, like me, very focused not training and coaching. There were many add-on companies, and I spoke to the product owners of three of my favorite add-ons. I especially appreciated meeting the folks from Software Plant and having them look at a particular feature request I had from a customer (They said they would have it implemented next week!).
In addition to the networking I had the following specific detailed questions for Atlassian and the community:


  • How can project templates and workflow standardization improvements in Jira 7 improve value chain creation across projects?

I don't really feel like I covered this one at all, so that's a miss.

  • How do the API improvements translate to Atlassian Integration benefits in a heterogeneous Dev tool chain?

I was looking into this when I got distracted by the phrase "ChatOps" and all the great new integrations possible with HipChat and Atlassian Connect. You can watch the ChatOps presentation  here. The HipChat Integration presentation is here.
Both of these presentations were great examples of how HipChat is being pushed pretty hard these days. The wonderful thing here is it's a great product that is extremely valuable to teams. We use it at Isos and I notice I very rarely send emails for internal communication because I get faster and more accurate responses from my team when we use Hip Chat!
One of the reasons all these great Hip Chat integrations are possible is because they've really improved the API endpoints for Hip Chat, so I 'm going to call that a "yes" for objective #2.

  • When will the new version of Portfolio for Jira be released? Can I help your teams effectively use Portfolio for Jira?

This is huge. The demos for Portfolio for Jira were very exciting. No more 'syncing' (unless you want it), plan setup workflow (just point it at a few boards you like), support for as many levels of issue types as you like, better reporting... a product I already loved just got a whole lot better. Well truth be told, is ABOUT to get a whole lot better. The Beta is coming out soon. If you'd like to participate in the beta program, sign up for the Portfolio Pioneers Linked In Group here.
This objective was completely met as well.

  • What are the most powerful new features in Confluence? Specifically how robust is the Query Language now?

I kept trying to get into sessions on Confluence to get a look at the new query language features. The closest I got was a demo of the multi-user live editing feature. So, not the same thing. So that's a miss.
Overall the event was great. I hadn't attended Summit before so for my first one I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd heard it was very well run, and apart from a few minor bumps that aren't worth going into, I have to say it totally exceeded my expectations.
I'm looking forward to watching the videos for the sessions I wasn't able to get to!

TAGS: Confluence, Atlassian, Jira

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