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When you work in the corporate world, you know that there are some things that are as predictable as the coming of the tides. It doesn't matter whether you work for a small company or a multinational corporation. One of the biggest of these is annual employee benefits changes.

Every year when employee benefits renew, new information needs to be shared with each eligible employee. Though this sounds like an easy process, anyone who has ever dealt with the logistics knows it is anything but. In the past, Isos Technology would have shared this information by printing handouts for the team, or emailing everyone with pdf attachments for them to review.

Confluence provides a perfect (better) place for information to be shared with employees. When creating our internal HR pages, we can share whatever we need to with employees... all at the same time. These documents can live, breath, and change as information is updated.  Links to everything each employee needs are integrated into the page so they have every form and link necessary to update their benefits.

Because of this, our benefits renewal page has become a reference point for questions even after the renewal process has closed.  This relieves the HR Department of answering questions when all documents referencing the benefits are attached.  Employees can quickly be directed there to find answers to common questions.

Additionally, as each benefit year closes, we can copy the page change the data for the new year so we are not re-inventing the wheel year after year. This also retains a history of how benefits have changed over time, if that information is needed.

Annual benefits renewals are just on example of how Confluence is a wonderful tool for sharing information to your group. I'm sure you will find many other places to work it into your HR processes.

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