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Importing Google Sheets into EazyBI

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Looking for a way to report on your Jira issues? Try EazyBI, it provides plenty of different reports to choose from. To mention a few, there's the Issue Resolution Days Report, Created/Closed Datetime Bar Chart, and Jira Project Roadmap.  You can select from many interactive reports, tables, bar, line, pie, etc. Find more information on the reports here. One of the key features is EazyBI's ability to integrate with many web applications and databases, for example Google Sheets. For this blog we will dive more into how to import your data from Google Sheets into EazyBI. Feel free to see all the other integrations available here.

Create a Project and Enable Google Drive

1. Go to the API Console to create a new project (or use existing project)

Click the projects list, then click the New Project button

Name your project and select the location/organization to create the project under

2. Go to the API Library to enable the Google Drive API

API & Services -> Dashboard

Choose Library

Search for "Google Drive" and Enable API

Create Client ID

1. In Credentials section create a new Client ID for web application

Credentials section

Choose OAuth Client ID

Choose Web Application and complete the form

In Authorized JavaScript Origins enter your Jira Server Base URL:

You can find this in your Jira instance -> System Info -> Server Info -> Base URL

In Authorized Redirect URI enter JIRA_BASE_URL/plugins/servlet/eazybi/source_applications/auth/google_spreadsheets/callback (substitute JIRA_BASE_URL with your Jira Server Base URL)

2. After creation you will see your Client ID, to see both your client ID and client secret edit the client ID.

Client ID

Edit Client ID

Add EazyBI in JIRA

1. Go to your JIRA instance → In eazyBI advanced settings specify Client ID and Client secret.

Go to EazyBI

Go to Settings

Add configuration and update settings: Client secret


client_id = "..."
client_secret = "..."


2. Data Import from Google Sheets

Go to home and Create a new account

Add a new source app

You will see the Google Sheets source application


Advanced Settings: https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybijira/set-up-and-administer/set-up-and-administer-for-jira-server/advanced-settings#Advancedsettings-Additionalsourceapplications

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