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Visibility of all issues within a Jira project can be limited to specific users and groups by assigning them to Project Roles and granting the Browse Projects permission to those roles. In order to restrict the visibility of specific issues within a project, the project must use an Issue Security Scheme. These schemes consist of Security Levels which can be assigned to issues, restricting visibility to designated parties.

The security level of individual issues can be assigned at any time by users with the Set Issue Security permission. However, in some cases it may be more practical to set the security level when an issue is created.

In this example, an organization would like to restrict the visibility of Service Desk requests submitted to HR to the Reporter and the Human Resources User Group.


  • The user has the “Configure Issue-level Security” global permission
  • The user is able to create custom issue types and workflows
  • This example makes use of the JSU - Suite Utilities for Jira app

Configure the Issue Security Scheme

  1. Create an Issue Security Scheme
    1. Navigate to Settings (gear icon) >> Issues >> Issue Security Schemes
    2. Click “Add issue security scheme” at the bottom of the page
    3. Provide a name and description
    4. Click “Edit” and set the Default Security Level if desired
      1. default is None
    5. Add Security Levels to the scheme
      1. Select the “Security Levels” link for the appropriate Issue Security Scheme
      2. Provide a name and description
      3. Click “Add Security Level”
    6. Add Users/Groups/Project Roles to the Security Level
      1. Click the “Add” link for the appropriate Security Level
      2. Select the “Reporter” option
      3. Click “Add”
      4. Click the “Add” link for the appropriate Security Level
      5. Select the “Group” option and then the HR User Group
      6. Click “Add”
    7. Assign the Issue Security Scheme to the project

Configure the Issue Type

  1. Create an issue type named “HR Request”
  2. Associate the issue type with the project

Configure the Workflow

  1. Create a workflow, or a copy of an existing workflow, to use with the new issue type
  2. Select the Create transition and add a Post Function to it
  3. Select “Update Any Issue Field (JSU)” from the list of Post Functions and click “Add”
  4. Select the following options
    1. Precondition must be: Ignore precondition
    2. Update field on all issues related as: Within same Issue
    3. Issue Field: Security Level
    4. Field Value: (the name of the Security Level you created earlier)
    5. Click “Add”
  5. Add the Workflow to the project’s Workflow Scheme
  6. Associate the Workflow with the newly created issue type

Test New Configuration

  • Create a new HR service request
  • Log in as different users to verify issue visibility

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