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Jira at Home

Atlassian, Jira

After using Jira for awhile, I started to look at aspects of my personal life through an Atlassian lens.

It started with maintenance and projects around the house. Any homeowner can tell you that there is always something else to do: replacing outlets, painting, taking down the holiday decorations... (I know it's May, don't judge me!)

I tried written lists, to-do apps on my phone, making appointments on my calendar, but there was always something that wasn't quite right with each approach. I wouldn't have my notepad handy when I needed it or I wouldn't like the interface of an app; it was always something. The yard work started piling up in the spring, which led to more lists. And if that isn't enough, the summer semester is on the horizon as well.

I don't know why I waited so long to pull the trigger, but I broke down and signed up for my own personal Jira Cloud instance. Now, I realize that other apps are cheaper, but as soon as I logged in and created my first project - I knew that I had made the right decision (for me). I can tell someone how flexible and capable Jira is, but it isn't the same as actually using it. There is a certain amount of comfort in knowing that I can use my personal Jira for anything. Most of the heavy lifting is more easily accomplished from the desktop, but the day-to-day is easily managed from Atlassian's mobile app.

The only real downside is that I feel like I'm wasting the other licenses. So far, I've invited a couple of family members. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with once they learn their way around!

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