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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Jira Service Desk allows for service desk agents to transition issues and manipulate whether the customer can view the status on issues. One missing piece agents face is the ability to provide the customer with feedback via comments without transitioning the issue to "Waiting for Customer." Natively, when agents comment on a ticket, the "Transition on Comment" automation rule is triggered and the issue transitions. The agent then has to transition the issue back to "Waiting for Support" and the customer receives multiple notifications. We found a way to provide a customer with a comment while keeping the issue in its current status by using two apps called Power Actions for Jira and Power Scripts for Jira.


  1. Download the following apps into your instance:
    1. Power Actions for Jira
    2. Power Scripts for Jira
  2. With Jira Admin permissions, go to Administration > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field, and select Power Actions™ Custom Field from the list.
    1. Enter the name you would like to call the custom field. For example, "No Transition."
  3. Associate the field with the edit/view screen for the project.
  4. Locate the custom field in the Administration page and click on the gear icon. In the drop-down, click on Configure and click on Edit Buttons.
  5. In the Button Text, add the name you would like to be visible on the button. For example, "Comment".
  6. The icons next to the button text have the following options:

    1. "Edit Condition", enter the following code:

      number ENABLED = 1;
      number DISABLED = 2;
      number HIDDEN = 3;
      return ENABLED;
    2. "Edit Screen Script", enter the following code:
      BA_createTextArea("Comment", "", false, 5, "", "Enter a comment for the customer to view.");
    3. "Edit Script", enter the following code:
      string comment = BA_getSingleValue(argv, "Comment");
      addJSDComment(key,currentUser(), comment, true, true);
  7. The Service Desk Agent can now go to an issue and click on the "Comment" button.
    1. Troubleshooting tips:
      1. Ensure the custom field was added to the edit/view screen in the targeted project.
      2. If the field does not appear in the view screen, click on the Admin drop-down, and click on Add Field. Enter the field name and click Add Field. 
      3. Both apps's are required in order for the action to work.

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