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That's what Atlassian did with Jira Service Desk... they shut up and listened to their customers. And the result was something completely different and new. Atlassian listened to their customers and learned that 38% of the teams that use Jira use it for Service Desk work.
There are all these solutions in the Service Management space. And still...teams are using Jira. It's certainly interesting, but also a little confusing - since Atlassian didn’t really design Jira for that use case. Atlassian was  focused on the development of user stories, and backlog management, and developer interaction regarding the building of software products. And although Jira works on the Service Management side, there are things that these IT Teams were missing.
Atlassian looked at the service desk market and saw two different sides of the spectrum.  There were solutions which provided plenty of customization on the backend but just didn't provide a good customer experience. On the other side of the spectrum, there were customer focused application which seemed to fall short on the on the backend, lacking agent features. Atlassian saw an opportunity to craft a solution that fit right in the middle.

Enter Jira Service Desk

atlassian toolsAtlassian started with a way for customers to find the help that they need with simple, natural language. Next Atlassian gave them a simplified request experience so that everything they don’t need to care about was hidden. And finally, they integrated Jira Service Desk directly with Confluence  so that users could automatically find the help they need from the self-service knowledgebase.

atlassian tools
Next are Team Queues, which make sure that everyone on your team has one place to go - so that everyone is always working on the right requests at the right time. Second, Queues are automatically triaged and prioritized in real time. And third, it’s built on the power of the Jira Query Language (or JQL) so that you can make queues with infinite possibilities… if you can think of them in your head, then this tool will support it.

atlassian tools

Next, we have to keep our customers happy, so SLAs are key. Atlassian gives us the most powerful SLA engine in the industry.  They made sure SLA information is visible everywhere and SLA rules can be as simple or as complex as teams want them to be.
atlassian tools
Jira Service Desk comes with impressive reports out of the box. You can improve your team's service immediately by recognizing the bottlenecks and trends of the past. Even if you've already been servicing requests for a year or more,  you can get Jira Service Desk today and apply its SLA metrics retroactively.


Of course, all of these features are backed by everything that's already built into Jira, custom fields, workflows, notifications, APIs, people and permission.  Jira Service Desk brings all the power and productivity of Jira to your service desk teams.

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