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My favorite Confluence 6 Enterprise features - Part 1

Confluence, Atlassian

The 2 and half years that was been Conflunece 6

Now that Confluence 6.13.X has been out for a few months  it's a good time to take inventory of my favorite features introduced in the past 2+ years. The list of features and changes is quite substantial, so I'll be only touching on a few of my favorites. To that point, here's my list of favorite features (great and small) that I love and, maybe, you overlooked.

My list will be roughly broken down by release order.

(NOTE: the screen shots are mostly from Atlassian's release notes.)

Confluence 6.0 - The mother of upgrades

Confluence 6 was a HUGE, HUGE upgrade for the Atlassian community. The biggest feature, of course was:

Collaborative editing

Announced at Summit about a year before, this feature took A LONG time to bake. With 6.0 it finally showed up (mostly working). Here's the blurb from the release notes. It still rings true today:

Working together in the editor

Whether you're in the same room or on a different continent, speed up the draft and review processes by working together in real time. You don't need to sacrifice the power of the Confluence editor either – all your layouts, macros and favorite features are available. Subtle cursors show who is in the editor with you, and what they're doing.

Updates for page hierarchies

Version 6.0 gave you the ability to copy and delete page hierarchies. This was a huge win. Know it'll brighten your day (and your pages).

Confluence 6.1 - Team Playbooks and Fixing Stuff

Atlassian wanted you to: "Energize your team with Team Playbook blueprints"

At Summit that year Atlassian rolled out their Team Playbook concept. The templates they put into Confluence were actually pretty neat:

Some of the templates included: Health monitor,  DACI decision, Experience canvas, Project poster and more.

Atlassian continues to fix collaborative editing..

Admin goodies: Safe startup to the rescue

If you are an admin, you can start Confluence Server from the command line with all user installed apps disabled or selected apps disabled. This can be useful for troubleshooting problems with your site, particularly if you are unable to start Confluence after an upgrade (from the release notes).

To temporarily disable all non-system apps:

<code class="language-none">$ ./start-confluence.sh --disable-all-addons</code>

To temporarily disable specific apps, specify the app key (for example com.atlassian.test.plugin). You can disable multiple apps using a colon-separated list.

<code class="language-none">$ ./start-confluence.sh --disable-addons=com.atlassian.test.plugin</code>

Confluence 6.4 - Keeping track of your stuff.

Easier access to your drafts

Work fragments and drafts are not easy to find in your Confluence activity stream.

Find unfinished work

Pages now tell you if your changes are published or not.. BRILLIANT!

Confluence 6.6 - First Enterprise version, Recovery mode and Mobile

Restore administrator rights using recovery mode

If you're an administrator and find yourself locked out of Confluence, you can now start Confluence in recovery mode to restore your admin user rights. Previously the only way to do this was by modifying the administrator account in the database.

Get ready for the Confluence mobile app

A new mobile app for Confluence Server and Data Center was in the works at the time. It is out now. Give it a shot!

Confluence 6.11 - Better native editing

A better way to edit files - not just for Office anymore!

They replaced the old "Edit in Office" interface with a generic one that will work with ANY file type (pretty much). Check out this graphic from the official release notes:

Confluence 6.12

Effortless upgrades - Synchrony is now built INTO Confluence.

Before this upgrade, Synchrony was almost always outside of Confluence. This caused my life (and many Isos clients' lives) to be heck. With it being baked in, most of our collaborative editing woes dissolved

Confluence 6.13 - The second enterprise release!

Cloud Migration Assistant

The Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence was bundled with Confluence 6.13.  We moved a few simple spaces to the cloud with the tool. It worked out pretty good.

AdoptOpenJDK 8 support

Oracle stopped providing public updates for Oracle JDK 8 last January. That meant that only Oracle customers with a paid subscription or support contracts would be eligible for updates. Due to this, Atlassian started to push the free but supported AdoptOpenJDK 8. We here at Isos have been using it for a half year now and so far it has worked out great.

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