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I needed a quick way to communicate with our employees.

Thank you Slack!!

As the HR person at Isos, I periodically (frequently) need to communicate different forms of information with our employees.  Sometimes it’s a pdf. Sometimes it's an announcement. Sometimes it’s a link to a Confluence page or HelloSign link. Many different topics need to be shared in many different mediums.

I had a lightbulb moment with the most recent share that needed to be communicated.  I was needing to share a new document with all of our employees. The document needed to be signed by each employee, and returned to me confidentially.

While Confluence is great at communicating information (as I talked about in my last post), sometimes you need more "immediacy".

My light bulb moment was to create a Slack channel (I named ours “hr-announcements”) and invite all of our employees to the channel.  What I included was a brief description, a link to HelloSign that allows the document to be reviewed, signed, and returned to me confidentially.  I also have an electronic copy of the document for the employee file.

After the first post to this new channel I asked for some feedback from our employees and it was 100% positive. Some of the responses were “this is way better than an email that I would probably never open”, “this is a great way to communicate”, “we live in Slack, so this makes perfect sense”.

I am looking forward to having more light bulb moments to share with how I handle all things HR thru the Atlassian tools and add ons!

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