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Opsgenie is not an island

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If you’ve started looking into Opsgenie, you are probably already aware of the powerful alerting, escalation management and reporting that it brings you. And if you haven’t started looking yet, head over to the Opsgenie home page. I’ll wait.

So if you’ve been to the Opsgenie page, you may have noticed the Integrations link at the top. As a (former/returning) developer, this is the part that is the most interesting to me.

Sure, it’s great that Opsgenie has awesome capabilities to define alert rules and make sure the right people are in the know at the right time. And yeah, being able to see reports for post-mortems is invaluable in improving incident management.

But what good is a great tool if it cannot plug into your infrastructure. It’s like having a landline phone with a ton of great features (do landline phones still have many features?), but no cord to plug it into the wall, and no phone jack in the wall. Tools gotta’ talk to each other.

With over 200 integrations, Opsgenie can plug into many standard DevOps tools. There is a really good chance the tools you are already using already have integrations. Even if your tools don’t currently have dedicated integrations, you can configure webhooks to connect into Opsgenie.

I encourage you to click through the integrations and see how Opsgenie connects into different tools. You may be surprised by some of the integrations. While the primary purpose for Opsgenie is incident management, this doesn’t mean you only need Opsgenie when something blows up. It is also a great tool for keeping abreast of what is going on in your DevOps stack in general.

For example, the GitHub integration can create alerts for a variety of events, such as pull requests. These are things you wouldn’t normally think of as “incidents”, but that you might want to be made aware of.

So do a little poking around. You might just expand your concept of “incident”.

And while I’m on the subject of Opsgenie, if you are in the San Diego area on June 20th, 2019, consider stopping by our Opsgenie event to learn more about what Opsgenie can do.

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