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Last year the HDI conference was held in Las Vegas... but this year we Phoenicians weren’t so lucky as to have a 45-minute flight. So we printed our Southwest A-list boarding passes and headed for Orlando. BTW, we love Southwest and Southwest really seems to love us, you can see for yourself (Shameless Plug for drink tickets)!
But I digress. HDI.. right. So, we were back in the Atlassian booth this year to support their Jira Service Desk team and promote the beauty that is JSD. For all the raffle stamping, badge scanning, and  where-ya-from's, we had some really in-depth demos and great service desk conversations. And it turns out all those badge scans and conversations provided some really good insight and analytics on the industry as a whole. Here are some of the analytics we uncovered:

By the Numbers

What are your top challenges with using your service desk?
Hard to use within our IT team 12%
hard to use for employees 15%
lack of reporting 22%
limited or difficult to customize 10%
lack of support for change mgmt process 3%
lack of support for asset mgmt 4%
not easy to collaborate w/ devs& engineering 10%
expensive 9%
difficult to modify to keep up with business needs 16%



We still heard “JI-Ra” and At-lay-sion a few times, but for the most part Jira Service Desk was on the forefront of many attendees' minds and agendas. In many cases, we heard from help-desk managers to directors. Most of their organizations are considering Jira Services Desk (JSD) as either an extremely viable solution to replace their existing solution or they were already using JSD. Jira Service Desk has come a long way in its relatively short history, and the industry has definitely taken notice.
If you’d like to learn more about Jira Service Desk, check out these links

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