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How to Become a Confluence Power User with Labels

Confluence, Atlassian

By Peggy Trammell

Does your team use labels?  Did you know that using labels to categorize pages and spaces gives you the power to:

  1. Group related pages that may not be naturally "near" each other without having to duplicate them
  2. Make the spaces more intuitive and familiar by associating pages with the same "key concept" phrases and words used in the organization's domain.

Labels are an easy way to group pages and attachments that are relevant and meaningful.  When used consistently, there are macros available that allow you to view relevant information, such as the Content by Label Macro.

The Content by Label Macro is used to display lists of pages, blog posts or attachments that have particular labels. It's great for collecting related pages together and filtering out content that you don't want to see.

Labels are not just limited to pages.  Spaces can also use labels to assign them to categories. Use meaningful labels to categorize a space so you can limit searches to spaces with the same category.

Use Better Search for Confluence to better your search result to relevant pages, blog posts, attachments and spaces.

Better Search for Confluence is a powerful Confluence App that allows you to configure what you want in your search results, creates better searches by categorizing your spaces and looks and feels like the native Confluence search bar.

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