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Removing Content from Confluence Without losing the work

Confluence, Atlassian

By Peggy Trammell

Sometimes finding information becomes harder over time.  There can be too much information in the way.  Information can often be repetitive and even contradictory over time.  Furthermore, content will "age out" and no longer be relevant to the organization, such as meeting notes that are not useful past a very short period versus longer living content like process documentation.

Space Permissions in Confluence apply, by default, to all pages in a space

Before you start adjusting content or access, consider who can view your space.  Access to specific pages is initially determined by who has "view permission" for the entire space.  Unless these permissions are changed on a specific page, space permissions are applied to all pages in a space.  Limit the number of space administrators to reduce configuring Confluence for their own team's needs versus the needs of the company as a whole.

Hiding pages by changing the permissions - For any existing pages, you can "restrict" access to the page.  This feature is under the ellipsis menu in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Instructions for setting Page Restrictions

Archiving a space from Confluence

Archiving a space is useful when you have content that is no longer relevant, but you still want the option of accessing it a a later date. Archived spaces are less visible, but still available on your site.  Archiving a space is easy to undo - you can make a space current again at any time.

Remember though that by default, pages and other content that have been archived do not appear in the Confluence search results.  The search screen gives you an option to search archived spaces and include them in search results.

Instructions for Archiving a Space

Use Better Content Archiving for Confluence for usage tracking, expiration, review workflow, retention and clean-up for your Confluence pages

Better Content Archiving for Confluence is a Confluence App that provides quality control for your ever growing confluence, reviews unused and expired pages and easily archives pages, never deletes.

Managing JIRA at Scale White Paper

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