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With Winter coming to an end, things outside are starting to thaw and many more things are starting to bloom. The same can be said for our Jira instances! It's spring time and that means it's time to thaw out the issues we have been sweeping under the rug and clean out the weeds that have been blooming in our Atlassian yard!

One amazing tool members of Isos Technology use to identify these weeds is Botron Software's Integrity Check for Jira. This FREE app helps you in detecting, locating, and fixing errors in the configuration of your Jira server. Better yet, if you utilize Botron Software's well-known Configuration Manager app, you already have Integrity Check available! You can run Integrity Check at any time.

Let me show you how:

  1. Open Configuration Manager
  2. On the left, select Integrity Check
  3. Select your options: You can do a base integrity check of Jira (with no boxes selected) or you also have the option to run the check on filters, boards, and even dashboards!
  4. Click Run Integrity Check and give the checker a few minutes to return. It will provide a progress bar so you know how close it is to being done. And Voila! You have your results:

Integrity Check will first return a total number of violations in your results, with more detailed descriptions for each violation listed below that. Now that you have your results,  you will have the opportunity to investigate each violation in your configuration. Integrity Check will first let you know the violation and where it exists. Here is an example:

Above you can see the violation is a global permission (specifically the Jira System Administrators permission) referring to a group that does not exist. Expanding this violation provides a link to the Jira System Administrators global permission setting so that you can go fix the issue:

As you can see, the issue is present on the above screen. Now you can easily fix this violation by removing this group from the permission!

I have seen cases of Jira instances being neglected for far too long, returning upwards of 5,000 violations! The best thing to do if you want to keep a clean and maintainable environment is to run the Integrity Check regularly to constantly identify areas of improvement. For example, one client had hundreds of violations referencing filters and boards that were owned by users who were removed from the system! Even though fixing these violations was a pain, it helped us identify an area of improvement and develop an off-boarding procedure for Jira users. This process included cleaning up accounts and transferring ownership properly, saving a lot of headache in the future and preventing further violations from accumulating.

I highly encourage you to try out Botron Software's Integrity Check on your own system and take a look through the results. What you find may surprise you! 


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